Support health of mind & body
with AbleTo

We recognize and understand that members have different needs. That’s why we provide resources to address your whole health. This includes mental health support, stress management, addiction and dependency coaching and behavioral change support (such as helping you change your diet or quit smoking).

Stress management

Developing a plan to help lessen stress

Walter* dealt with lots of stress during his years working as a fire fighter. He was still having trouble with stress in retirement and realized he needed help to relax. He contacted AbleTo and was connected with a therapist who set goals with him and coached him in mindfulness techniques. Walter’s coach connected him with tools to help him step by step in his journey.

Addiction and dependency coaching

Coaching through addiction and recovery

Wendy* relied on prescription drugs to deal with chronic pain as a result of her physically demanding job. She realized that she had become dependent on the medication and wanted to get help. Her AbleTo coach checked with her primary care physician about her prescriptions and referred Wendy to a treatment facility. After Wendy finished her treatment program, her coach called her several times each week to guide her through the recovery process.

Behavioral change support

Eat healthier, quit smoking or make some other life change

John* wasn’t eating healthy after his wife passed away, and he didn’t know where to turn. His AbleTo coach set up video calls with him weekly to set goals and develop a meal plan. John’s coach found him some easy recipe resources and made sure he was on a path to health.

Mental health support

Help dealing with a crisis and recovery support

George* was having multiple panic attacks each week. He wasn’t getting enough sleep and his anxiety was becoming a crisis. Together, he and his AbleTo coach developed a customized care plan. And his coach called him twice a week to help him through the worst of his anxiety issues. George’s coach also checked on his medications and helped him find an in-person therapist he could keep seeing regularly.

*These are not actual Aetna member stories, but are illustrative stories of how members could use these services.

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