With Aetna, I’ve got everything that I could ever ask for.

Philip Manes: My name is Philip Manes. I’m retired and came here three years ago…And we’re just living the dream now.

I got married pretty late in life. Getting married and had a baby at my age was the best. My daughter is fifteen. I like to see her grow up. Working out in the gym and playing golf, I just try and do as much as I can outdoors. I gotta keep myself active in order to be able to spend that time with my daughter, ‘cause I wanna do it for as long as I possibly can.

I chose Aetna, it was very hard because as you get older, nobody like change. But then after you get into it and you see how much Aetna cares, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Aetna called me, they said that they would like to have a couple of nurses come in and speak with me. They came in and they gave me a physical. And then when that was done we had some conversations. They were excellent, they wrote everything down that I had talked about. I feel Aetna is very caring to the people that are on Social Security. They follow up all the time to see if I’m okay, I even got phone calls to see how I was feeling. That’s big.

And they had my doctors, which was very important, because I’ve had my doctor for ten years. And I’m glad that I changed, because now with Aetna I’ve got everything that I could ever ask for. And they think more of me personally, and not just a number.

It was a hard decision but looking back now and where I’m at right now, it was the best decision. I’m very happy with Aetna.

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